Become a City Vendor

You may be able to sell your goods or services to the city


Many business owners are interested in doing business with the City. The City has needs across departments, from office supplies to auditors to doctors. All departments, including the City of Syracuse School District, work with the Department of Purchase for their purchasing needs.

All decisions are made through a competitive bidding system. If you would like to receive notice of bid openings in your product or service area, send a letter listing what you supply to:

Department of Purchase

Bidders List Request
221 City Hall
Syracuse, New York 13202

The Post-Standard publishes a daily listing of all bid solicitations in the public notices section.

The Post-Standard

The city provides information through pre-bid conferences on many construction projects and some other bids.These meetings offer vendors time to meet City personnel to learn more about what they are looking for and ask questions.

Bid results are available by calling 448-8444 after 3:30 p.m. on the date of opening. Vendors may access the results automatically. You can receive information on all of the submitted bids by submitting a self-addressed, stamped envelope in your bid response.


There is a lot more to the process. You can find out more by contacting the Department of Purchase or visiting their website.

Division of Purchase

Minority-and Women-owned businesses (MWBE)

The City of Syracuse has requirements for construction projects to include Women-and Minority-owned businesses (MWBE). This includes those under the Joint Syracuse School Construction Project.

A MWBE is a business that has a specific percentage of female or minority owners. Businesses must go through the City’s certification process to be recognized and listed on the City’s website as a WMBE.

City of Syracuse MWBE definitions

The process includes submitting a notarized, certification application which identifies:

  • the owners of the company,
  • their ethnic backgrounds,
  • ownership interests,
  • financial status and
  • individual(s) who manage the daily operations of the company.

The application is available in person. You can also download the form from the City of Syracuse website, or request an application by email or through the mail. 

Minority-and Women-owned Business Enterprise Certification Application (PDF)

Once the complete application is received, it is reviewed and the information is verified. You will be contacted to submit any missing information or in case there are questions about the application. After the application is reviewed, we will make an appointment to visit your business to verify the application and your operations and staffing in Onondaga County.

There is no cost to become certified, besides any costs to submit the application, like postage or copies. Financial documentation is required to validate the company, but is kept confidential. The City’s goal is to make a decision on all applications within 90 days of submission. Submitting complete and accurate paperwork makes sure the process goes more quickly.

Certification does not guarantee work. You do not have to be a certified MWBE to bid on contracts with the city. It can help you find more jobs and be better connected with your business community. Certifications are valid for 3 years.

This is an introduction to the process. For more information, or questions relating to the Program, please contact Lamont Mitchell, Director of Minority Affairs and MWBE Compliance Officer

If you are successful, you will be added to the City of Syracuse’s MWBE database.  A certification listing is available on the MWBE directory webpage.

Minority and Women Business-Owned Enterprise Directory

It is your responsibility to ensure that the information listed stays accurate. You can make changes through email or in writing:

The State of New York also offers MWBE certification. You can find out more about NYS MWBE certification at their website.  NYS MWBE certification is not a requirement for City of Syracuse certification.

NYS Division of Minority and Women’s Business Development

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) certification is a federal certification and is separate from NYS MWBE program. The DBE program has economic criteria; the MWBE program does not. The program only certifies small businesses that are independently owned and controlled by one or more socially and economically disadvantaged persons.  You can find more information of DBE certification at the Department of Transportation

NYS DBE Certification Program

Section 3 certification is another program you can consider.  This is a federal program that offers contracting opportunities for businesses that are owned by or substantially employ low-income people who receive federal housing assistance.

Information about Section 3 can be found at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Section 3 Business Registry
Section 3 Business FAQ (PDF)

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