Business Improvement Districts (BIDs)

BIDs can help you open and grow your business.

BIDs serve certain areas of Syracuse, coordinating a variety of services and activities to help businesses in their areas. The city requires property owners in these areas to pay an property tax amount. The city collects these fees and passes them onto the BIDS. In return, BIDs provide supplemental services. Some clean the streets more rigorously, enhance security, host local events, represent business needs to the city, or provide other business support services, like classes and networking opportunities.

Downtown Committee of Syracuse
Crouse-Marshall BID

We recommend getting in touch with the local BID director if you are interested in a property that falls into a BID area. They can help you through the process of setting up a business in a commercial property in the district.

If you would like help deciding which BID is for you, CenterStateCEO can help you find out more about the different neighborhoods and services offered by each BID.


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