Sign Permits

Step by step instructions for getting a new sign permit

    Apply for a Permit

    To put up a sign on your business, you must apply for a Sign Permit. You can obtain the the permit application form online, or at the Permit Office.

    Sign Permit Application (PDF)

    • Provide the name, address and phone number of the property owner, the permit applicant, and the contractor and/or plan preparer.
    • Provide a drawing of the project including the size and location of signage.
    • If the contractor is an individual contractor without Workers’ Compensation Insurance, a Workers’ Compensation waiver must be submitted.
    • If the contractor has employees, a Certificate of Workers’ Compensation Insurance, naming the City of Syracuse as the certificate holder, is required.

    Supply Additional Submissions

    • Photos of existing signs on the property and the proposed location of the sign on the building or site.

    You must also include two (2) copies each of:

    • A stamped Instrument Survey Map of the property – not faxed or reduced.
    • Construction details, drawn to scale, including dimensions, graphics, methods of attachment, and footing/foundation, if applicable. Freestanding signs may require plans signed and sealed by a design professional licensed in the State of New York, depending on the cost.

    Pay the Required Fees

    The fee for your permit is based on the contractor’s written cost estimate including labor and materials, whether purchased, owned or donated. The following table indicates typical sign permit fees according to the cost estimate.

    Cost estimate Permit Fee
    $0 – 1,000 $80.00
    $1,001 – 2,000 $95.00
    $2,001 – 3,000 $110.00
    $3,001 – 4,000 $125.00
    $4,001 – 5,000 $140.00
    $5,001 – 6,000 $155.00
    $6,001 – 7,000 $170.00
    $7,001 – 8,000 $185.00
    $8,001 – 9,000 $200.00
    $9,001 – 10,000 $215.00

    If the cost estimate is greater than $10,000, please call the Central Permit Office for permit fee and other possible requirements.


    Follow Through with Application Requirements

    • Make sure that all necessary inspections are performed. Inspections of footings and/or foundation depth before pouring concrete and setting posts for self-supporting signs and upon completion are required.
    • You are responsible for making sure that all work is completed according to the plans submitted with the permit application. You are also responsible for making sure that you don't damage anyone else's property and that you don't block any sidewalks or your neighbor's property before, during, or after construction.

    Helpful Information

    Sign regulations are set forth in Part C, Section VI, Article 2 of the Zoning Ordinance.

    Syracuse Zoning Ordinance

    Temporary, portable signs are not permitted in the public right-of-way, including sidewalks. Temporary signs are permitted on private property only by approval from the Zoning Administrator.

    If a property is located within a local preservation district or is a local protected site, a Certificate of Appropriateness will be required from the Landmark Preservation Board. Call the Preservation Planner for more information.


    Call the Central Permit Office with any questions regarding construction details:


    Call the Division of City Zoning for type, amount, and location of signage allowed in individual zoning districts:


    Animated signs are prohibited within the City of Syracuse.

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